Our goal is to turn your vision into a reality.

Have you ever thought about hiring a designer, but had the fear of "Will their vision be in-line with mine?" or "Do we have the same style?" FEAR NOT! At Evalia Design, LLC we take a Listen-Design-Create approach. Our goal is to turn YOUR vision into a reality. We don't FORCE a style on our clients. We take YOUR style and add our expertise and experience to create a one of a kind unique to you space. Every project we work on is different! That's what makes our job fun! We like new challenges and unique spaces!


As a young girl I can remember my grandfather driving me around his job-sites on a backhoe and then taking me to see the finished custom homes that he built. It gave me this sense of pride and accomplishment as I watched his blue eyes light up with excitement as he explained the process. I knew at that point I wanted to create my life in the construction field.

After attending college and graduating with a bachelor of science in interior design, I started working for a high-end custom kitchen and bath design firm. I spent eight years there learning the ins and outs of custom cabinetry and kitchen design. I even passed the certified kitchen designer exam. But, something was missing... 

I remembered my grandfather’s eyes lighting up with excitement at the end of the project. Where did that go? I had somehow lost that along the way. You see there are many steps involved to take a kitchen from concept to completion. So many things to cover, review, ask, and execute in order to get to the end result. I often found clients frustrated with the process and their contractors. And in turn contractors frustrated with the client changes and the project dragging on, draining their profits.

I wanted to streamline the design process so it could be enjoyable, happy, and fulfilling for both the client and the team involved with the project. I thought "what if there was a way to create a systematic and strategic process to eliminate all the frustration and confusion that comes with a kitchen remodel?"…

That sparked the idea for creating the Evalia Design Process! 


April Spagnolo is a Certified Kitchen Designer with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. She has studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, La Roche College, and The American University of Rome. Spagnolo has 13+ years of experience working on both remodeling and new construction residential projects, custom cabinetry, and specific commercial spaces.

April Spagnolo Evalia Design Story