It's Football Season!

What better way to enjoy the game then in a deck out basement!  This one is equipped with two large screen TV’s and pool table, juke box, poker table, bar, wine room, and full bath!


We also used a cool hinge to make these cabinets open as doors to conceal a storage room and the AV equipment for the system.  The cabinets themselves house DVD’s!


Floating shelves with hidden supports are a great way to show of memorabilia. 


And don’t forget the wine room!  This floor has a special iced finish and is one piece of granite that is composed of river rocks!


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Holiday Guest Prep | Evalia Design

Are the thoughts of the Holidays and out of town guests leaving you feeling overwhelmed this time of year?  If so, we have a special treat for you!  I’ve teamed up with Jessie from Streamline and Simple and Louisa from the Neat Method to share a few simple things you can do to spend more time enjoying family and friends and less time feeling exhausted! 

Hi there!  I’m April from Evalia Design.  I’m sharing my tips for making guests feel welcome in your home this holiday season.  Below are a few simple ways you can prepare your guest room for the holidays!

Tip 1: Place a tray with champagne and glasses on the bed to welcome guests.  Decorative pillows and an extra blanket will be appreciated too!

Tip 2: Leave a frame with the wifi password so they don’t have to ask. You may also want to play seasonal tunes on a Bluetooth speaker.




Tip 3: If you are purchasing new furniture, opt for a nightstand with charging station.  Your guests will love you!  You can also leave a travel guide for your city so they can have fun exploring!


Tip 4: Leave fresh towels and wash cloths in their room along with travel sized toiletries in case they forget anything!


Holiday Saving Tips | Streamlined & Simple

The holiday season is upon us! This means lots of family, friends, meals, parties, events and gifts. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be run over by this holiday season. I want to savor it, soak it all in and truly enjoy it. I want it to be simple, yet meaningful.

Here are a few tips to help make the holidays more Streamlined & Simple:


1.    Utilize Mind Drops. Mind Drops are a free printable we offer that allow you to download everything in your mind on to paper. Use the quadrant version to separate your thoughts by categories such as: Things To Do, Gifts to Buy, Meals to Plan and Traditions

2.    Make lists. Utilizing your completed Mind Drop, begin making lists. Our ListBook is great for this, but any paper will do.  Your lists should include action steps and dates. For example, if you are listing out Gifts to Buy, list the people you are buying for, the stores you need to go to and then schedule a time to go shopping.


3.    Plan your meals ahead of time. List out the number of guests, the recipes and the ingredients you have on hand vs those you need to shop for.


4.    Schedule time to relax and rest. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Read that book you’ve had on your nightstand. Watch a Christmas movie. Schedule and enjoy a few slow moments during the holiday season.  By: Jessie Ansley / Streamlined & Simple

Holiday Organizing | Neat Method

Hosting for the holidays shouldn’t be stressful. Now is the time to think ahead and organize those items and areas of your home that might have been neglected over the past year—think serving pieces, glassware, guest linens, gift wrap, holiday decor and cards, and entry way closets. Neat Method offers home organizing services to organize any space in your home but specifically those high-traffic areas that need a touch up before the holidays. Our in-home services take care of anything and everything including donating/consigning of unwanted items, purchasing of necessary storage products, and setting up a sustainable, stylish organizational system. We also offer virtual organizing services so you will be living the Neat Life in no time!

NEAT Pantry.jpg

Neat Method is offering a complimentary online organizing session with Professional Organizer, Louisa. The winner of our “Moderate Mission” service package ($275 value) will get expert advice, one-on-one time to discuss your space and goals, a personal shopping list, and step by step instructions to organize before the holidays. You can be prepared for those holiday guests and enjoy your newly organized space(s)! By: Louisa Roberts / Neat Method

The #1 Reason Why You DON’T Need A Work Triangle In Your Kitchen!

It's the time of year when the air is crisp, kids are back to school, and fall is about to descend upon us.  If you are like me, then you are looking for ways to simplify our daily routine and integrate habits that allow you the time to enjoy life and family!

Do you remember hearing about the traditional kitchen work triangle?  If you haven’t, it is simply an imaginary triangle in your kitchen that connects the sink, range, and refrigerator. 

Now, this concept was great when we only had one refrigerator, a single sink, and a "stove" range that had our cooking surface, oven, and microwave all in one spot!

Today's kitchen though typically has these pieces in different locations and sometimes (depending on the size of your kitchen and your budget) multiple pieces and even a few new pieces like a under-counter refrigerator or steam oven. 

Since our typical kitchen is no longer typical, we need to rethink this triangle concept. 

How does it make sense to arrange these pieces? 

The answer…multiple triangles for multiple cooks and what I like to call “kitchen zones”.  

So, what is a kitchen zone?  Let's think about our own specific lifestyle and needs.  Do your kids need breakfast early in the morning before catching the bus?  If so, then create a "breakfast zone".  In the breakfast zone, incorporate everything you need or better yet the kids need to make their own breakfast!  Leaving you time to enjoy your morning coffee and your Instagram feed (or whatever your morning “me” time may be)!

To create your own breakfast zone, think items like cereal, bread, oatmeal, toppings for these items (fruit, sugars, jams, honey, nuts, etc., but also don't forget about bowls, plates, silverware, a toaster, coffee pot, etc. 

No matter the size of your kitchen try to place this zone between your refrigerator and sink.  That way you can have quick access to cold items (milk, jams, etc.) and water at the sink.  

This is just one of many zones I have helped client’s create in their own kitchens.  You can also create homework zones, mom’s office zone, a food prep zone, a cooking zone, etc. 

Happy Fall!  I hope this helps you find some extra time in your daily routine! 



Need help creating your kitchen zones?


Industrial Kitchen has Traditional Roots in Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill Neighborhood

Evalia Design, LLC.png

In the heart of Pittsburgh lies the historic town of Squirrel Hill, known for its deep roots that date back nearly 100 years before the civil war occurred. Squirrel Hill's past is well preserved in the visual appearance of the town today, as most of its houses are older and traditionally styled. When taking on a remodeling job in the area, we were tasked with injecting a modern design into a house and town that have forever been about maintaining a historic aura. The need to preserve that “older feel” in the midst of a modern kitchen presented the perfect opportunity to incorporate an industrial kitchen design.


The key features of a good industrial design are all of the raw textures used in detailing the space. These details and the simplicity of the design become emphasized when used in open spaces. The original kitchen had a large wall bisecting the room, which compromised the functionality and overall flow of the kitchen. When it was time to start designing the new space, the inept wall was the first thing to go. After removing the wall, the space instantly felt larger and more open. We took advantage of the openness by incorporating the principles of Beaux Arts design, which typically leads to minimal wall storage; however, the kitchen itself maintained a lot of storage as a result of interior cabinet accessories. The layout represents a galley style kitchen, which usually only has two walls of cabinetry and a walkway in between, but the architecture of the space allowed us to incorporate an island as well.

Along with the custom painted inset-style cabinetry, we selected a complete stainless steel lineup of appliances that included a Thermador Pro-Grand Range. The range features a grill, steam oven, warming drawer, electric convention oven, and gas burners. Now topping the feature-packed range is a beautiful scagliola hood fabricated by Marezzo, Ltd. The kitchen's sinks are Blanco Silgranit, which is an easily maintained Quartz product.

The black under mount sinks were selected to complement the soap stone countertops. Like the countertops, many natural products and earth tones were used throughout the entirety of the kitchen. The island, constructed with reclaimed oak, has custom legs with copper inlays to give them a strong, rusted look. Additionally, the porcelain tile floor was made to appear more metallic, and thus emanate the industrial feel. The addition of smaller design details began to add up, which lead to an industrial space worth admiring.

Missing from the newly designed space, was an exceptional dining area, but bringing a large table into the kitchen would have severely restricted the intended flow of the room. To jump this hurdle, we collaborated with the architect and decided to create a single-story addition for the dining room that extended out onto the driveway and was supported by posts. The addition was strategically wrapped with windows on all three sides to flood the adjacent kitchen with natural light, creating a truly remarkable atmosphere.

Even after the addition and complete remodeling of the space, we managed to stay true to our goal of preserving the historic aura of the kitchen by keeping pocket doors and adding stained glass to the windows for additional privacy and aesthetic purposes.

"In-Progress" Images

Although this was a relatively small space, it was incredible to see just how much man-power was put into the job. It was a full team effort and the remodeling could not have been accomplished without the many tradesmen and artisans that were involved. As evident through the "in-progress" images, the whole space came a very long way and turned out to be perfect upon completion.

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Curios what this project looked like before?

This previous Evalia Design kitchen remodel that was featured in Kitchen & Bath Design News Magazine, is a great visual testament to our design work and style. Check out the before and after pictures below to see how we turned a struggling space into the cornerstone of our client's home.



When we first saw our client's kitchen, we knew that increasing the amount of space in the room was going to be crucial to creating a beautiful design. The original kitchen failed to utilize the area to its fullest extent, which in turn sacrificed a lot on behalf of the room's appearance.


The kitchen also lacked a good traffic flow and room for an adequate eating area. Additionally, the fireplace was awkwardly crammed next to the exterior wall. We decided the space needed a more open and easy flow, a proper dining area, and a fireplace that fit the style of the room.  


Shanahan_overall back right.jpg
Shanahan - bar closed.jpg
Shanahan_Overall front left.jpg

Our finished design resulted in a transitional kitchen style, great for any homeowner seeking a modern kitchen that doesn't sacrifice the elegance associated with traditional layouts. In addition to our design plan, the client wanted a larger island, walk-in pantry, dry bar, and office space for Mom. To achieve their dream kitchen design requests, some of the existing walls needed moved; however, we did not compromise any of the character that the old space possessed.

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