Got the Winter Blues?


I don’t know about you, but by the beginning of February I am so over winter! Ok, let’s be honest, I’m over winter before it even starts!

My mind is already drifting off to sunsets and beaches. Warm weather, grilling outdoors, and Friday night cocktail party’s with friends!

So, let’s say a prayer to our friend in Punxsutawney and tell him EARLY SPRING PLEASE! Can my friends in the inner circle call in a favor for me? 😉

Ok, but seriously what can we do until Spring weather comes? This is the time of year we start planning outdoor kitchens. Yes, even in Pennsylvania we have outdoor kitchens 😂.

Here’s one we did last summer for a client. It was a lot of fun! 


A few things to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen...

  1. Which way does the wind blow? Yes, nothing kills the mood more then smoke blowing in your face!
  2. What types of food do I love to prepare on the grill and what am I preparing indoors that I can easily prepare outside while watching the grill? (salads, fruit? You may need a sink and refrigerator out there)
  3. Do I want to be alone in this kitchen? Likely not, so plan for a way to have guests near the kitchen where you can enjoy cocktails together!

Need help planing your outdoor kitchen. Contact us here and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction...away from the wind!