Designer Tip: How to Style Your Entertainment Unit For Real Life

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We all love to pour over images on Pinterest of perfectly staged spaces, but the truth is we have to live our lives. In real life we want to be surrounded by the people and things we love. We also want quick access to our stuff!

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This entertainment unit from Arhaus has been a great addition to our living room. It has doors that slide open to view the TV with drawers for movies and video games (for those of us who might still have those), and slides closed to view shelves where we keep things we love to see and do.

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So what should you display?

Board Games: They add color and shape to the space plus you can actually use them! Keep in mind the ages of your family and guests. Display a variety of items for all ages. You can use a basket to store items that will make the shelf feel cluttered like small games and cards.

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Reading Materials: Stack them, stand them, or organize them in magazine files. This is a great way to encourage reading in your home and allow a little something for everyone.

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Family Photos: Choose textural frames of varying shapes and sizes to add interest and fill negative space. Include photos you love! Don’t be afraid to use colored frames that you may have received from your kiddos. It will make them proud and honored that you put their gifts on display. You can also store family photo books here for guest to flip through. This is a great way to reminisce with your kids as well.

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Cozy Items: Include things like spare blankets, pillows, and even an eye mask that you can grab when you’re in the mood to take a nap on the sofa. You can put a candle and matches on our bookshelf that can easily be transferred to the coffee table when you want to use.

Remember to display items that are useful and joyful!

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