Our 5 Favorite Interior Design Trends for 2018

With 2017 in the rear view mirror, Evalia Design is looking ahead to an exciting 2018 for the design industry. We saw trends like whites, grays, wire brushed wood, marble surfaces, and subway tiles emerge in 2017, but with a new year brings new trends. Here's our 5 favorite interior design trends for 2018: 


Jewel toned paints and warm stains for cabinetry

The classic white kitchen still remains high on the design trends list, and we believe this is a timeless style. However, we have seen a huge increase in jewel tones (teals, navy, black, and aubergine) as well as warm stain colors (cherry and butternut) for kitchen projects we are currently designing.


Atypical sinks (such as stone, metal, and bold hues)

The stainless steel sinks are a go-to if you want something that blends with appliances. However, our designs have been incorporating stone sinks, other metals (like copper and brass), as well as cast iron and quartz sinks that compliment the countertop selections.


Statement light fixtures

Statement light fixtures allow you to add your own unique flair to the space. They are a great way to add a lot to a typical kitchen. Also, depending on the fixture they can be an inexpensive, easy update. Here's some of our favorites:


Scagliola for hoods, countertops, sinks, and fireplaces

Scagliola (pronounced scal-E-ola) is an old Italian process with new life. Once used to create columns in ancient Rome, Scagliola is now used to create a durable product that can be turned into custom hoods, sinks, countertops, fireplaces, etc.


Decorative wall surfaces (such as wall coverings, shiplap, and faux finishes)

Materials such as wall coverings, shiplap, and faux finishes have been high on the priority list of clients for this coming year. We think it's a great way to add much-needed style to boring walls. Here's some of our favorites: