Designing a space? Here's how to avoid FOMO

Use these 3 easy steps to avoid FOMO (fear of missing out) when designing your space...

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1. Set goals for your project.

Define your must haves and then any additional wants that would be amazing if they fit the budget! So often budgets and expectations don’t align. This causes a lot of running in circles!


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2. Be an Olympic athlete and trust your coach aka designer.

You hired them! They are your coach through the design process. Listen to them and don’t fight them every step of the way. So you can finish a champion!


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3. Opinions don’t matter!

Once you’ve made a decision avoid getting your mother, sister, neighbor, friend, and dogs opinion on your project! This will only cause you more confusion and fear that there’s something out there you’re missing! The reality is there are billions of products and new ones being invented everyday. That doesn’t mean you need them all or even need to know about them all! Your designer is creating the perfect space for you and your family! Have faith it will work out!

- April Spagnolo, CKD | Evalia Design, LLC