The #1 Reason You Don't Need a Work Triangle in Your Kitchen

It's the time of year when the air is crisp, kids are back to school, and fall is about to descend upon us.  If you are like me, then you are looking for ways to simplify our daily routine and integrate habits that allow you the time to enjoy life and family!

Do you remember hearing about the traditional kitchen work triangle?  If you haven’t, it is simply an imaginary triangle in your kitchen that connects the sink, range, and refrigerator. 

Now, this concept was great when we only had one refrigerator, a single sink, and a "stove" range that had our cooking surface, oven, and microwave all in one spot!

Today's kitchen though typically has these pieces in different locations and sometimes (depending on the size of your kitchen and your budget) multiple pieces and even a few new pieces like a under-counter refrigerator or steam oven. 

Since our typical kitchen is no longer typical, we need to rethink this triangle concept. 

How does it make sense to arrange these pieces? 

The answer…multiple triangles for multiple cooks and what I like to call “kitchen zones”.  

So, what is a kitchen zone?  Let's think about our own specific lifestyle and needs.  Do your kids need breakfast early in the morning before catching the bus?  If so, then create a "breakfast zone".  In the breakfast zone, incorporate everything you need or better yet the kids need to make their own breakfast!  Leaving you time to enjoy your morning coffee and your Instagram feed (or whatever your morning “me” time may be)!

To create your own breakfast zone, think items like cereal, bread, oatmeal, toppings for these items (fruit, sugars, jams, honey, nuts, etc., but also don't forget about bowls, plates, silverware, a toaster, coffee pot, etc. 

No matter the size of your kitchen try to place this zone between your refrigerator and sink.  That way you can have quick access to cold items (milk, jams, etc.) and water at the sink.  

This is just one of many zones I have helped client’s create in their own kitchens.  You can also create homework zones, mom’s office zone, a food prep zone, a cooking zone, etc. 

Happy Fall!  I hope this helps you find some extra time in your daily routine! 



Need help creating your kitchen zones?