Got the Winter Blues?

I don’t know about you, but by the beginning of February I am so over winter! Ok, let’s be honest, I’m over winter before it even starts! My mind is already drifting off to sunsets and beaches. Warm weather, grilling outdoors, and Friday night cocktail party’s with friends! So, let’s say a prayer to our friend in Punxsutawney and tell him EARLY SPRING PLEASE! Can my friends in the inner circle call in a favor for me?

Before and After | Master Bathroom Spotlight

In this month’s remodeling spotlight we have a master bathroom full of luxurious amenities located just south of Pittsburgh! Prior to the remodeling, the master bathroom was the only space in the house that lacked a transitional style. The original bathroom was dated and had a very dark complexion due to a lack of windows.  The design we came up with gave the space a more contemporary, warm feel.

It's Football Season!

What better way to enjoy the game then in a decked out basement!  This one is equipped with two large screen TV’s and pool table, juke box, poker table, bar, wine room, and full bath!

We also used a cool hinge to make these cabinets open as doors to conceal a storage room and the AV equipment for the system.  The cabinets themselves house DVD’s!

Holiday Organizing | Neat Method

Hosting for the holidays shouldn’t be stressful. Now is the time to think ahead and organize those items and areas of your home that might have been neglected over the past year—think serving pieces, glassware, guest linens, gift wrap, holiday decor and cards, and entry way closets. Neat Method offers home organizing services to organize any space in your home but specifically those high-traffic areas that need a touch up before the holidays. Our in-home services take care of anything and everything including donating/consigning of unwanted items, purchasing of necessary storage products, and setting up a sustainable, stylish organizational system.

Design Spotlight | Industrial Kitchen

In the heart of Pittsburgh lies the historic town of Squirrel Hill, known for its deep roots that date back nearly 100 years before the civil war occurred. Squirrel Hill's past is well preserved in the visual appearance of the town today, as most of its houses are older and traditionally styled. When taking on a remodeling job in the area, we were tasked with injecting a modern design into a house and town that have forever been about maintaining a historic aura. The need to preserve that “older feel” in the midst of a modern kitchen presented the perfect opportunity to incorporate an industrial kitchen design.